Velamkanni Matha (Our Lady of Health) Syro Malabar Catholic Church Parishioners and Parish Priest welcome you to review and read this website and have an experience of a vibrant Syro Malabar Faith Community in South Florida. This is the one and only Velamkanni Matha Parish in the whole North American Continent.Coming together to this beautiful church every Sunday and weekdays for Syro Malabar Masses, Going for CCD classes and Praying the Vailamkanni Matha Novena with the children is a thrill to the parents, children and youngsters as well. We are a full-fledged Syro Malabar Parish with Sunday and everyday Syro Malabar Malayalam Qurbana, Sunday CCD classes from Pre-K to High School, Adult and Youth Choir, ICA, SMCC, Mathrusangam, Youth, Altar Servers etc...Opening the pages you will enjoy the different areas of this faith-filled community in South Florida. God Bless you All!


Regular Mass Schedule

Sunday: 8:15 - AM Sapra (Morning Prayer),

 8:30AM - Holy Mass in Malayalam  

8:30 AM- CCD Classes, 10:00 a.m. Novena

10:15 AM - Holy Mass in English for CCD Children

 Week Day Masses

Monday & Wednesday through Thursday – 6:15 PM Holy Mass

Wednesday: St. Joseph’s Novena after Holy Mass

Friday:   6:00 - 7:00 Confession

6:30 - 7:00 Evening Prayer and Rosary

7:00 - Holy Mass followed by 1 hr. Adoration

Saturday - 8:30 AM Morning Prayer and Rosary

9:00 AM - Holy Mass followed by Novena of our Lady                                           

 (No Mass on Tuesdays)